Here at Unbound, we do physical therapy differently. There is minimal equipment required for your rehabilitation process to obtain extraordinary results. We do not use your valuable time and hard earned money for you to rest with heating pads or ice packs. We feel that being able to spend one hour, one-on-one, with your Doctor of Physical Therapy, allows us to fully understand your condition, needs and goals. Utilizing appropriate and specific evidence-based treatments and cutting-edge techniques we streamline your progress and recovery.

It’s our belief that Physical Therapy should include a thorough movement assessment, skilled hands on manual therapy interventions, and one-on-one education in corrective exercises and activity modifications allowing for you to get back to the activities you love without pain or restriction. 

It is crucial to play an active role while healing from an injury and managing your pain.  Avoiding activity and complete rest is NOT the answer to long-term healing. It is our goal to keep you active and participating in the activity or sport you love throughout the rehabilitation process, help you break your chains of pain and impairment, allowing you to become UNBOUND and return to the activities you love. 

Benefits of our model:

  • Allows you to spend at least 1 hour or more in direct contact with the Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Less time away from work, family, the gym, the range and the outdoors allowing more time and training where it counts
  • A specialist in human performance, training and injury prevention
  • Specific movement analysis addressing biomechanics 
  • Working with the specialist of your choice who knows your sport/activity
  • Custom plans using scientific evidence and research to formulate a plan specific to your needs, and your goals

Who gets the best results

Athletes: Spend less time away from training! From CrossFit to archery to triathlons, although the sport may vary, the frustration of limited mobility, pain, and injuries are the same. As athletes ourselves, we understand this frustration of pain and injuries firsthand and are committed to getting you back to peak performance. With the use of cutting-edge, evidence-based therapy, collaboration with local gyms/clubs, along with individualized plans, we work with you to be stronger and more resilient.

Active Lifestyle: In our opinion if you have a body, you’re an athlete. You enjoy being active and having the freedom to move, until limited mobility, pain, or an injury slowed you down. Whether it’s taking the dogs for a walk, keeping up with kiddos, going to the gym or your favorite yoga class, or getting in a round of golf on the weekends, you deserve to enjoy those activities pain free. You were made to move and we are here to help you get back to that active lifestyle you love.

Looking to make a change in life: You may wish that you were more active or you’re looking to improve your health but find yourself stuck, overwhelmed, or don’t know where to start. This is where we come in. We will work with you to create a personalized and specific plan to help you meet your health, wellness, fitness, and personal goals!

Dr. Jacob P Retzer, PT, DPT

I grew up in the mountains outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico where I enjoyed spending time outside hiking, camping, hunting, biking and snowboarding. When not outside my time was spent training in martial arts and competing at an international level in TaeKwonDo. After graduating high school I attended the University of New Mexico in which I received my bachelors degree in biology and psychology. After completing my undergraduate education I completed my doctorate in physical therapy at the University of Mary in Bismarck, North Dakota.

After completing my doctoral education, my family and I moved to rural Montana where I was able to practice and hone my skills as a therapist working with individuals across the lifespan. I was able to work with outdoor athletes (hunters, hikers, runners, and snowmobilers), weekend warriors, crossfitters, gymnasts, highschool athletes, and those who wanted to get back to daily activities without restriction. Being a primary care provider in a rural area helped solidify the importance of treating the whole person including nutrition, sleep, mental health and not just the physical ailments that they are experiencing.

After four years in Montana my family and I decided to move back to Bismarck where I worked in multiple settings before deciding to open my own clinic. This decision came from the desire to provide individuals with the highest level of one on one care helping them to take control of their health. My goal is to help patients alleviate pain, increase performance and assist them in becoming the best version of themselves through increased knowledge in various areas of patient care including strength and conditioning, manual therapy, dry needling and pain science. I enjoy working with clients of all ages and impairments but have a high interest in outdoor athletes, especially archery hunters.

When not in the clinic, I enjoy being outdoors with my wife and two children camping, hiking and hunting. I also enjoy participating in Crossfit and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Become Unbound and Break Your Chains